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Predictive Analysis, Real-Time Visibility, and Preemptive Control

Opti was born from the idea that stormwater infrastructure can be optimized with the right, smart technology. Instead of funneling millions of dollars to reconstruct aging infrastructure, Opti exists to advance communities into the next generation of digital infrastructure management, and save taxpayer's dollars to invest back into the community. Our leading platform is run on Microsoft Azure for secure, fast cloud computing. Optis are technology leaders passionate about creating dynamic solutions to an ever-changing and unstable environment.  

Opti's Reliability and Fail-Safes

Feel confident with Opti: At Opti, we're always thinking ahead. Opti provides fail-safe features so you can rest easy. Fail-safes can be triggered by loss of power, connectivity, or sensor and data trust, or operation impairment. In the event of a CMAC system failure or an actuated valve is unable to operate, structural passive overflows will bypass larger events to the level of service required by local authorities. In the event of connectivity or hardware failures, the valve will be opened and the site is returned to a passive condition. We also feature battery backups to actuate the valve in case of a power shutdown, onsite manual controls for the staff, and email alerts and alarms if cellular connection is lost.

NMSA: Community Based Public Private Partnership Program

CBP3 approach: National Municipal Stormwater Association (NMSA) is an organization of state and regional MS4 permittees across the country. The organization is dedicated to solving stormwater challenges and improving water quality across the U.S. Recently, the NMSA held a webinar to discuss the Community Based Public Private Partnership (CBP3) Program and maximizing smart stormwater infrastructure for public and private benefit. This program was developed by EPA Region 3 in 2015. The webinar was hosted as part of NMSA's CBP3 Center of Excellence for Water, Energy, and Equitable Economic Resilience.

David's Corner

Opti is on the precipice of releasing a game changing toolset for coordinating stormwater management between the upstream and downstream of a watershed. Opti's Smart Watershed Network Management (SWNM) module is being introduced in December. Opti brings control and adaptable watershed management based upon downstream conditions, in coordination with the weather forecast and actual conditions. The product roadmap for SWNM is deep and broad, thanks to ongoing collaborations with our customers and technology partners. The first capability set in SWNM is Coordinated Release. By reading downstream sensors- Opti can coordinate the management and distribution of stormwater in upstream assets. Capabilities will include tidal flow conditions as well as temperature based control.

Opti's digital mindset and collaboration with customers and partners on these development efforts creates this great solution.​You are probably asking, "what is a digital mindset?" A digital mindset has the ability to solve challenges without allowing neither physical world constraints nor the capabilities of a given technology to stunt its thinking. As a product company, we listen very carefully to our customers. In our deep customer discussions, a common theme emerged: the ability to coordinate stormwater distribution from upstream assets based upon downstream conditions. We then engaged our partners at Microsoft and SmartCover to create a prototype. Our software engineers and water resource experts have developed a highly configurable and flexible offering that will provide even more value on top of our first product, CMAC.

Opti On Air: Jeff Littlejohn of National Stormwater Trust

Stormwater as a revenue stream: Last month we announced our partnership with National Stormwater Trust (NST), this month we are pleased to provide updates. You can learn more about our work together from our webinar. Jeff Littlejohn, President of NST, stopped by Radio Entrepreneurs for an interview with host Jeffrey Davis. Jeff Littlejohn details the new model of stormwater management, "We want to get people to reshape their thinking about stormwater... help our partners take what has been thought of as a liability and turn it into a potential revenue stream." Opti and NST projects in Florida are applying a watershed approach to stormwater at a regional scale. Opti and NST are paving the future of stormwater management.

Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure

ASCE and Value of Water Report: Water infrastructure is important for the safety and resilience of our communities in preparation for increasing extreme weather events. Benefits of investing into our infrastructure go beyond safety. Closing the current water infrastructure investment gap would result in dramatic economic benefits, as outlined by the ASCE and Value of Water report. Overtime, the country will add $4.5 trillion in U.S. GDP and 800,000 new jobs. By improving water systems, U.S. trade balance would improve. As productivity would increase, business export value would grow by $225 billion. Water is an essential need and a major foundation for our country's economy. It is time we start properly investing in it. 


Opti Fun Facts

More effective than passive stormwater management

Reduction in new stormwater infrastructure storage 


Apex and OptiRTC Announce Strategic Partnership in Cloud-Based Stormwater Infrastructure Management

Better together: Apex and Opti's new partnership has a mutual goal to innovate the stormwater industry and optimize water infrastructure. Opti's data driven platform is reliant upon expert maintenance and leading engineer expertise. Take a look at Apex and Opti's work together in the field in this video. Apex details a stormwater detention basin site where Opti CMAC is installed. Detention basins provide stormwater flow control by holding and releasing stormwater runoff, while trapping trash and other debris. Proper management with Opti technology and Apex operations will help you meet your city's regulatory standards and avoid fines. 

Smart Watershed Network Management Meets Stormwater Demands

Opti's platform is designed to meet many stormwater demands and maximize your stormwater asset's potential at every step of the watershed journey. Opti's Smart Watershed Network Management is a groundbreaking solution many communities have called for. Much to our surprise, several customers had built the concept into their CIP, and then brought the idea to us. Opti's API architecture allows us to be sensor agnostic, and open for all engineering and environmental firms to implement. Our system's high level of integration and applicability allow you to enlist local operations support you trust.
When the City of Albany enlisted Opti to optimize their existing infrastructures, we delivered. Opti technology implementation in Albany's largest sewershed, Beaver Creek District, resulted in 89% wet weather flow reduction, at a cost of $0.005 per gallon. In result, the Albany community is safer and faces less flood and property damage risk. With a Smart Watershed Network Management system in place, Albany is now able to meet regulatory criteria and redirect support to other community initiatives. Opti enables healthy watersheds and flood resilient communities.

Save the Date: Smart Watershed Network Management Webinar

Opti is announcing the official release of Smart Watershed Network Management in our December webinar. Whether your community is looking for resilient solutions to water quality impairments, chronic flooding, coastal surge, sewer overflows or all of the above, you won't want to miss this this breakthrough product release.

Please join CEO David Rubinstein and VP of IT, Co-Founder Alex Bedig for a special presentation on Opti's Smart Watershed Network Management:

  • Date: December 3, 2020 
  • Time: 1:00pm - 1:45pm EDT

We look forward to hearing from you, and how Opti's digital mindset can bring peace of mind to your communities.          


A Multifaceted Platform for All Your Needs

What defines Opti as the world's most advanced provider of cloud-based stormwater management is our ability to achieve multiple stormwater objectives at the same time. Opti's platform can be optimized for ultra-urban application, water reuse, dry pond retrofit, CSO mitigation, flow restoration, and now watershed network management. Our platform's varied scope of capability is suited to meet your community's unique water needs.


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