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Optimization Like Never Before

The rise of urbanization has made stormwater significantly more problematic to our communities. When stormwater is unable to be absorbed naturally, runoff from impervious surfaces collects pollutants and toxins before reaching our precious bodies of water. Increasing rates of precipitation and flooding create stress that aging and undersized infrastructure is not prepared to handle. Costs to rebuild stormwater infrastructure are significant and weigh heavily on the taxpayer's dollar. Opti provides a modern solution to outdated problems. We optimize your new and existing systems to enable you with preparedness for a changing world. Don't hope for the best with passive stormwater infrastructure, install Opti for active management and get control back in your hands.

Stormwater Management at Your Fingertips

As the world’s largest provider of cloud-based stormwater management, Opti is the trusted solution for commercial landowners, utilities, and local and state governments. Our platform, configured to meet your stormwater management goals, provides you with improved performance and control. Alerts and analytics increase preparedness and keep you in compliance. 

Opti's Hurricane Season Support

By your side throughout the storm: During one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record, Opti continues with its mission is to keep communities safe and prepare ahead of the storm. By providing forecast driven technology to actively manage stormwater, Opti mitigates flood risk and provides remote operations from the safety of your office. During Isaias, a major Category 1 storm causing more that $5.2Bn in damage and 18 fatalities, Opti was controlling 32 sites and captured 73% of runoff. Our team is here for all communities on alert during hurricane season.

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David's Corner

A message from our CEO: Welcome to The Morning Dew, Opti's monthly newsletter. Opti's mission is to deliver solutions to promote healthier communities and cleaner water, with great economic savings. Our digital tools ensure those results thanks to our deep subject matter expertise in water resource engineering, hydrology, coupled with a team of world class software engineers. The COVID pandemic has certainly changed the world we live in. Essential workers face great challenges, budget deficits are ballooning, and the threat of flooding feels like it is everywhere. Through all of this, Opti is there for you. Many in the industry have said to me, "Dave, Opti is like the Jetsons, you are far ahead of the industry." Actually, we are here to help our industry move into the 'Smart City' era and embrace digital technologies. With our partners at Microsoft and Cisco, we provide our customers with the best in class security, communications and a highly resilient and reliable solution. Our platform is open for all engineering firms to implement. The entire team takes great pride in delivering outstanding triple bottom line outcomes to our customers. Opti is here for you, and the world needs Opti… now!

Opti Goes Viral

35k+ Views: Commissioner Joe Coffey joined Viktor Hlas of OptiRTC and Jeffrey Davis of Radio Entrepreneurs for an interview. Coffey talks about what it takes to keep his citizens protected. Coffey says, "Even with the short time frame that we've had this- not even fully deployed into all of our systems. We have noticed a diminished number of overflows out of our biggest regulator, and I think that's due in great part to the technology we've implemented with Opti." Cities such as Albany have aging infrastructures that are virtually impossible to replace. Instead, they turn to technology like Opti to revitalize their stormwater systems. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter for a more detailed look into our work in Albany, New York. In the meantime, view our case study here.

Opti and NST Partnership

Partnership supercharges the delivery of water quality and flood control: 
Opti is proud to announce our
partnership with National Stormwater Trust. Our strategic alliance will utilize Opti's cloud based technology to optimize NST's existing water services in the state of Florida. We are excited to work with NST to provide real time flood prevention and stormwater management. Opti CEO David Rubinstein says, "Opti's technology provides real-time data, and expands the capacity of stormwater ponds by automatically managing the storage capacity. These two core capabilities make this program more affordable for property owners and property developers."

Addressing the Stormwater Funding Gap

Invest in the economy of the future with Opti. Covid-19 has thrown all of us for a loop. Both private and public sectors have to reevaluate budgets and the steps they plan to take in order to meet environmental protection goals. At Opti, we are flexible, dynamic, and understand how to navigate difficult times while keeping you on the path to sustainability. When economic savings is a priority, consider Opti. Our services have proven to be the most cost-effective and worthwhile solution. A dollar with Opti is 4-10 times more productive than passive stormwater management.

"[Opti allows] us to deal with an acre of stormwater runoff for less than $40,000. The traditional approach... cost us $150,000 an acre. So this is going to save Marylanders as taxpayers tens of millions of dollars." -MDOT.


Opti recently hosted a webinar providing guidance on funding and financing resources and strategies to address the $67.2 Bn stormwater management funding gap over the next 20 years.


FEMA Opens $660 Million in Grants:​​​​

Support for hazard mitigation:  FEMA recently opened two grant programs: The Flood Mitigation Assistance grant and the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities grant. FEMA's announcement highlighted Southwest Resiliency Park in Hoboken, New Jersey- a project Opti is proudly part of. Southwest Resiliency Park is a beautiful green space integrated with a flood mitigation system, managing 200,000 gallons of runoff stormwater. The grants will encourage similar community projects to increase preparedness for natural disasters and build more resilient infrastructure. Application deadline is January 31, 2021.


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